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April 26, 2000

April 20, 2000

1995 La Doriane

Drinks at brown.

1995 Guigal La Doriane - obviously this is hard to find, and under appreciated by Asians.  I was afraid it would be a little too old, but it wasn't.  It was full-bodied, lots of oak, very aromatic but not as light as the Laurus Côtes-du-Rhône.  Very enjoyable.  Was a little drunk after finishing this wine without dinner.

Bought from Eslite for TWD 2,520.

Billecart-Salmon Brut

April 18, 2000

1993 Montelena and La Mission

Dinner at Blue.

1993 Montelena Estate Cabernet - full-bodied with good tannins and concentration.  Sweet on the palate.  Delicious but was drunk too quickly by everyone.

Bought from Seibu for HKD 595.

1993 La Mission Haut-Brion - this was opened and decnated about 45 minutes to 1 hour before we drank it.  A classic, finesse Bordeaux blend.  Nose of minerals, moss and earth.  Not much fruit in comparison to the Montelena.

Bought from Eslite for TWD 2,640.

April 17, 2000

1995 Vieux Télégraphe and Vogüé Chambolle-Musigny

Dinner at Lava.

1995 Vieux Télégraphe "La Crau" - this was very closed when first opened.  It is a powerful wine, not like the Beaucastel at all.  Lots of minerals and fruit.  Full-bodied and high in alcohol.  With time it opened up and improved, although at one point I thought I smelled olives!  It needs at least an hour.

Bought from Apex for HKD 270.

1995 Vogüé Chambolle-Musigny - this was a really good wine!  The nose was very nice, with berries and vanilla.  A friend smelled chocolate.  It was very soft.  A wine with finesse, not overpowering.  Good finish.

Bought from Vinum for SGD 98.
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