This is still a work in progress as I upload tasting notes and wine labels from as far as 1999... Check back once in a while to get the updates.

July 30, 2000

96 d'Arenberg The Noble

Drinking at home.

1996 d'Arenberg Riesling The Noble - consistent notes of caramel, honey, apricot and toasted walnuts. Keeps getting better.

July 22, 2000

1989 Bahans and 1990 Ornellaia

Drinking at Vinum in Singapore.

1989 Bahans Haut-Brion - not decanted.  WOW!  What a wine!  It has classic Bordeaux nose of herbs, weed, earth and cigar.  But after 3 hours it was just like an explosion of sweet fruit, with a powerful nose.  Medium to full body.  Good balance of acidity and tannins.  This as a pleasure to drink!  Incredible!  Definitely will buy more!

Bought for SGD 145.

Dinner at Blu in Singapore.

1990 Ornellaia - this was an excellent wine.  We didn't have enough time to let it breathe and all, and I was still recovering from the Bahans Haut-Brion in the afternoon.  Anyway the nose was very sweet with lots of red fruits, concentrated flavors of minerals.  Slightly peppery on the after palate.  Very nice indeed.  Should get even better with age.

Bought for SGD 218.

July 13, 2000

July 8, 2000

1992 Mouton

Dinner at Wolf.

1992 Mouton-Rothschild - it wasn't a spectacular year for Bordeaux, but it was classic Pauillac and my first Mouton.  A bit of spicy notes on top of earthy and cherry tones.  Medium bodied.  Definitely ready to drink, but needed an hour or two to air. 

Bought for NTD 3,200.

July 7, 2000

1993 Chalone Pinot Noir

Dinner at Orange Tree.

1993 Chalone Vineyard Pinot Noir - this was not bad at all.  Good balance of acidity and concentration of fruit, with black olives and minty notes and some raspberry.  A bit of marshamallow?  Or was it vanilla?

Bought for HKD 240.
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