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May 21, 2012

2003 Chapoutier L'Orée

Dinner at Paris 1930 in Taipei.

2003 Chapoutier Ermitage L'Orée - really ripe, showing lots of caramelized sugar, honey, a little mineral, marmalade.  Rather alcoholic nose.  Ripe on the palate and hence a little bitter.  Rolf was right to keep it very chilled to make it more palatable.

González Byass Solera 1847 - Rolf was kind enough to pour me a glass to go with the mignardises, since there were a few pieces of chocolate truffles.  I love oloroso sherries, and this one had the extra dulce designation so it was really sweet.  Love the nutty and fig notes.

1982 Dalva Colheita - a glass that Rolf invited me to share at the end of the evening after all the other guests have gone and we were on our way out.  I love tawny ports for their nose, a result of long-term oxidation.  I promised to repay Rolf for his generosity by sharing something special in return...

Full post on dinner is here.

May 19, 2012

2009 Pithon-Paillé and Alain Graillot

Lunch at Caprice.

2009 Pithon-Paillé Anjou Coteau des Treilles - finish was a little metallic at first.  Very ripe on the palate, and I definitely felt the alcohol burning as the wine went down the back of my throat…  A hint of honey, a little pungent, then sweet nose with white flowers.

2009 Alain Graillot Crozes-Hermitage - what a lovely wine!  Lots of mint, herbs, potpourri… sweet fruit with floral notes.  Full-bodied.

Full post on lunch is here.
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