This is still a work in progress as I upload tasting notes and wine labels from as far as 1999... Check back once in a while to get the updates.

August 31, 1999

Long-Depaquit Chablis Les Vaudésirs

Long-Depaquit Chablis Les Vaudésirs, vintage unknown - Very full-bodied and oaky.  A bit too much for me.  Pretty dry.  Bought from Ponti for HKD 210.

August 27, 1999

French and Californian Cabs

Dinner at Ruth's Chris.

1994 Giscours - served in small, crappy glasses.  Could not get the nose.  Tasted diluted but smooth with very light tannins.  Just as Parker said, this wine has no depth and is ready to drink so young.

1996 Cakebread Cabernet Sauvignon - this was fruity but had a strange taste.  Sweet but funny.

August 26, 1999

1992 Calon-Sègur

1992 Calon-Sègur - drank at home.  Opened up very nicely about 2 hours after opening.  Nose was incredible in the Riedel Sommelier glasses.  Sweet and fruity, but strong alcohol levels.  Smooth but diluted, light tannins.  Powerful and spicy nose.  Bought from Le Grappe d'Or for HKD 270.

August 24, 1999

1997 Quady Elysium

1997 Quady Elysium - obvious black cherry flavors with additional nose of pineapple, not unlike the Quady Essensia and the '85 Nairac.  High level of alcohol/acetone.  Overall not impressive.  Bought from Watson's for HKD 109.

August 20, 1999

1996 Rabbit Ridge Zinfandel Olson Vineyard

1996 Rabbit Ridge Zinfandel Olson Vineyard - drunk at brown.  Aired for a bit before serving.  It was very fruity, especially given time.  Smooth and light tannins.  Delicious.  Sweet, but not as sweet and more tannic than the Merlots from Cali.  Nose was a bit heavy and smoky at first, but this faded soon.  Bought at Oaks for SGD 61.

August 16, 1999

Niebaum Coppola Rosso

Niebaum Coppola Rosso, vintage unknown - drank at Fujimama's in Tokyo.  Not enjoyable at all.  Very light body with higher-than-normal acidity.  Paid JPY 4,400.

August 15, 1999

Cow's birthday party

Party at Brian and Cow's.

1996 Christian Moueix Merlot - there was virtually no body when first opened.  Totally diluted.  As time went on it improved.  Going to medium-bodied and excellent nose.  However overall it was not a great wine.  A bit disappointing.  Bought from Nissin for JPY 1,780.

1997 Annie's Lane Cabernet Merlot - quite drinkable, with the spiciness of the Cabernet and the sweetness of the Merlot evident.

Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz, vintage unknown - fairly good, typical Aussie Shiraz.

1997 Metala Shiraz Cabernet

August 14, 1999

1995 Guigal Côtes-du-Rhône

1995 Guigal Côtes-du-Rhône Rouge - opened at Brian's in Tokyo.  Nose is very sharp, and the acidity from Mourvedre is evident.  Yet I love drinking this wine as it lacks harsh tannins. Great with cheese.  Bought for JPY 1,200.

August 13, 1999

Aussie Shiraz in Tokyo

Dinner at Brian's in Tokyo.

1991 Peter Lehmann Shiraz Stonewell - de-li-cious!  Very smooth as tannins were shed.  Spicy flavors of the Shiraz grape shows through.  Sweet and fruity.  A great wine.

1993 Peel Estate Shiraz - also sweet and spicy, but obviously not at the same level as the Peter Lehman.

August 8, 1999

1986 Ducru-Beaucaillou

1986 Ducru-Beaucaillou - opened during dinner at brown.  Decanted for a bit, and it was pretty delicious.  Fruity and veggy.  It was only slightly tannic due to age.  Could use a bit more aging.  Quite smooth after airing.

August 6, 1999

Hermitage and Merlot

Drinks at brown after dinner.

1991 Jaboulet La Chapelle - should begin to reach maturity in 2000, and it shows.  Still fairly tannic, it improved with breathing.  Concentrated and full-bodied, the Syrah character shows through.  Much harder than Southern Rhone with the Grenach mixed in.  Could use more aging.  Bought from Remy for HKD 308.

1996 Phelps Merlot - again the sweetness showed through and this is truly a delicious wine.

August 5, 1999

Dinner with Berry Bros

Dinner at brown.

1991 Pierre Gaillard Saint-Joseph Clos de Cuminaille - very enjoyable.  I was told that Gaillard likes the 1991 as much as the 1990, which is a more massive wine.  This is extremely drinkable, soft, complex, and extremely fruity.  Excellent stuff!

1993 d'Angludet - I found this to be very drinkable and respectable despite very poor scores from Parker.  I preferred the more fruity Saint Joseph, but the high Merlot content (35%) clearly contributes to the softer style of the wine.

August 4, 1999

Another evening at brown

Went to brown for drinks after dinner.

1996 Phelps Merlot - turned out to be an excellent choice.  Very sweet, fruity and approachable.  I would definitely drink this wine again and again.

1994 Clos Frantin Vosne-Romanée - a very approachable wine, due to the Pinot Noir grape.  Very enjoyable.  Good drinking wine.  Nice and complex, fruity.

1997 Chapoutier Muscat Beaumes-de-Venises - opened a half bottle, which was better than the Jaboulet as it was less sweet.
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