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February 13, 2020

Cristal, rhone, and more

Dinner at Neighborhood.

2007 Cloudy Bay Te Koko - big, toasty nose.  Kinda ripe on the palate.  Muscat grape and a hint of green apple, along with some flint.  Actually this was pretty fresh for a wine this age, with some lively acidity and not too ripe.

2002 Louis Roederer Cristal - very smooth on the palate.  Nice and fragrant.

1989 Zind Humbrecht Clos Windsbuhl Riesling Sélection de Grains Nobles - tons of manuka honey, notes of apricot, dates, marmalade, acetone, and beeswax.

2003 Henri Bonneau Cuvée Marie Beurrier, en magnum - decanted 1 hour after opening, and served 1½ hours after opening.  Very fragrant nose with eucalyptus, some ripe fruit, and a little gamey.  Still a little tannic, actually.

2003 Torbreck Run Rig - decanted more than 1 hour after opening and served almost 3 hours after opening.  Sweet and ripe, and a little smoky.  Delicious.

2005 Jonata El Alma de Jonata - decanted more than 4 hours after opening, and served 6 hours after opening.  Really sweet with lots of vanilla.

Full post on dinner is here.

February 10, 2020

2001 Louis Latour Beaune

Drinking at home.

2001 Louis Latour Beaune Rouge - kinda over on the nose, ripe for sure, but kinda dried out on the palate.

February 9, 2020

2009 Clos Floridene

Drinking at home.

2009 Clos Floridene Blanc - very ripe on the palate but still got good acidity.

February 8, 2020

2019 Cloudy Bay Sauvignon

Drinking at home.

2019 Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc - strong notes of green apple and muscat grapes, with lots of toast.

February 2, 2020

2017 Cloudy Bay Chardonnay

Drinking at home.

2017 Cloudy Bay Chardonnay - toasty, a little buttery, surprisingly forward and mature.

February 1, 2020

1998 Clos Erasmus

Drinking at home.

1998 Clos Erasmus - still concentrated, with notes of grilled meats and good, ripe fruit.  Slightly ripe and sweet on the palate.

January 30, 2020

2007 Il Pino

Drinking at home.

2007 Biserno Il Pino - pretty smoky, grilled meats, cedar and woodsy.  A little ripe on the palate and still full-bodied.

January 22, 2020

Ulysse Collin and Yves Cuilleron

Dinner at Mono.

Ulysse Collin Les Maillons - nice and ripe.

2018 Yves Cuilleron Condrieu La Petite Côte - very floral, very ripe with tropical stone fruit, almost a little sweet on the palate.

Yamabuki Gold (山吹ゴールド) - definitely oxidized like vin jaune or Shaoxing.

Full post on dinner is here.
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