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May 6, 1999

Lynch-Bages vertical

I attended a vertical tastings of Château Lynch-Bages at HOFEX '99, hosted by Sylvie Cazes.  HKD 100 for 7 vintages!

1993 Lynch-Bages - the youngest of the lot.  Smooth tannins.  Good potential.

1990 Lynch-Bages - A very good year, with very smooth tannins, velvety.  Wonderful nose.  Can't wait to drink some from the case I bought earlier.

1989 Lynch-Bages - I prefer this over the 1990.  Not as velvety as the 1990, this is more acidic as more of the tannins have been shed.  Nice, long finish.  There was very little poured into my glass!

1988 Lynch-Bages - nose is a bit oaky.  Tannins are firm.  Not as good as the 1989 or 1990.

1986 Lynch-Bages - lots of fruit in this one.  Tannins have been shed.  Makes for a good vintage.  Very enjoyable.

1985 Lynch-Bages - a really good effort, very veggy, mossy on the nose.  Taste of minerals.  Loss of tannins makes for a crisp wine.  Smooth and slightly acidic.  Definitely need to own a few bottles of this.

1982 Lynch-Bages - obviously the best of the lot.  Very, very sweet nose with loads of fruit, and minerals.  Incredibly smooth on the palate.  Shed tannins almost completely.  Nice, long finish.  It's simply an awesome wine!

A little tipsy after the tasting...and before lunch!

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