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January 11, 2000

Alkoomi, Torreon de Paredes and Reignac

Dinner at brown.

1997 Alkoomi Cabernet Sauvignon - good body and structure.  Nice nose.  Berries, slightly sweet.  Fairly tannic since it's so young, but nice.  Sweet after taste.

Brought by wine merchant.

1995 Torreon de Paredes Reserve - this was opened along with the first bottle, and by now it had an awesome nose.  I took one whiff and it was "wow"!  Incredible how it opened up.  Very smooth and velvety tannins.  Good concentration with lots of sweet fruit.  Yum!

Brought by wine merchant.

1996 Reignac en demi-bouteille - the nose showed obvious signs of earthiness and vegetal character, something I usually don't like.  But overall it was OK, with good concentration.  Funny how you can always tell a Bordeaux Cab...

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