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November 22, 2002

100-point '86 Paullacs

Dinner at Brian's in Tokyo.

1983 Dom Perignon - brought this bottle.  Very nice.  Crisp acidity, full of toasted oak and caramelized sugar.  Not many bubbles due to the age.

1973 DRC La Tâche - H-man brought this bottle.  Very good wine.  Another fine example of old, mature Burgundy.  Initially the color was so faded it looked like I was decanting apple juice!  But the nose opened up nicely with ripe red fruits, bacon, grilled meats.  Hmmm....

1986 Lafite-Rothschild - I brought this bottle.  Pretty sweet nose of red fruits, minerals, tobacco.  A bit of sweet grass.  Very good wine overall and glad it wasn't cooked while being stored in Taipei.

1986 Mouton-Rothschild - from H-man.  Very powerful.  Big, smoky cigar nose dominates everything.  Very full-bodied and long finish.  Minerals and grilled meats nose.

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