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September 12, 2010

MNSC Dinner - Jockey Club

MNSC Dinner at the Jockey Club, with food from the Derby Room's kitchen. Hosted by Lord Rayas.

I only got to take a couple of sips of the 1990 Krug. The nose was oxidized, with candied pineapple, straw and marmalade notes. Acidity was fairly high.

1971 Cheval Blanc - smoky, minty, a little salty - almost like soy sauce, and a little sweet, with gamey, grilled meats. 92 points.

1971 Voguë Musigny Vieilles Vignes - kinda funky at first, definitely sweet like cherries. Very smooth, light and thin on the body. 94 points.

1978 Vieux Telegraphe - nose was very Rhone-liked, with ripe, almost stewed fruits. Kinda became muted after a while in the glass. 92 points.

1978 DRC Echezeaux - I don't mind wines with oxidation, since I love drinking Madeira and Tawny Ports. But this was way too oxidized for most people's liking. The nose was sweet, nutty and ripe, while the palate was dry. This was purchased off the Jockey Club's wine list, and we asked Leo to waive the charge for this bottle.

1978 Solaia - Lord Rayas ordered this bottle after the DRC was taken back by the Club. Minty, funky, a little chalky with some caramel. 94 points. An enjoyable wine but far from the one I tasted at the Solaia vertical...

1990 La Dominique - I can say that with more than 10 years of wine tasting under my belt, this was the very first red wine where I could smell nothing but lobster bisque. Yes, lobster bisque! And Dayliao concurred with me on this. At first I thought it was soy sauce or tomalley, but then I've been having so much lobster lately that it hit me... There were also some ripe prunes in the nose. 85 points.

1990 Troplong Mondot - very alcoholic, a little salty, and...I don't believe it!...also a hint of lobster bisque. I think my sensory organs must be suffering a complete breakdown... or my neurons just shorted and got completely rewired... 90 points.

1990 Angelus - most certainly the wine of the evening for most of us. Lovely nose of grass, a little potpourri, a bit smoky and some coffee grinds. 96 points.

Full post on dinner is here.

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