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January 18, 2011

George Pinot Noir

Dinner at Pierre featuring Pinot Noir from George Wine Company.

Arlaux Brut Grande Cuvée - toasty, caramel, slightly oxidized.  Lovely balance.

2008 George Pinot Noir Sonoma Coma - pretty sweet and fruity, with cherries, leather saddle, banana and mint on the nose.  Very smooth and round on the palate.  Medium-bodied to very little trace of tannins.

2009 George Pinot Noir Sonoma Coma - with 1/3 of the blend coming from the Hansen Vineyard, this was more mineral, leather, stronger/punchier, gamey, almost savory like cheese, a little alkali.

2008 George Pinot Noir Leras Family Vineyards - nice and fruity with herbs and caramel on the nose.  Very clean and pure fruit.

2008 George Pinot Noir Hansen Vineyard - minerals, savory, earthy, animal, cheese, smoky.  There was a scent which took me a long time to identify, which George agreed with - manure.  Around 300 heads of cattle graze next to the vineyard, so George believes that the grapes naturally smell of the cattle and anything that comes with them!  This is probably the first time that I can say to a winemaker with a straight face that his wine "smells like shit", and have the winemaker not get offended by my remark...

1986 Doisy-Védrines - orange blossom, acetone, apricot, honey and honeydew melons.  Very sweet.  Very delish.

Full post on dinner is here.

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