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July 15, 2012

90 Krug and 97 Mortet Chambertin

Lunch at Bistronomique.

1990 Krug - this was clearly an aged Champagne, with the caramelized sugar notes that I would describe as "oxidized", but without any negative connotation as it's exactly what I love about old Champagnes.  However this is still a vibrant wine, with lots of life still left and the acidity was still high.  Also notes of orange and straw.

1997 Denis Mortet Chambertin - a little sharp at first, like nail polish. Opened up to reveal a beautiful nose with black fruits, eucalyptus, cedar and a little toasty corn.  A very lovely wine.

Echigoheiya Junmai Ginjo (越後平野 純米吟醸) - sweet on the palate, with a prominent nose with lots of rice flavor, and somehow I think I'm smelling the protein in the rice.

Full post on lunch is here.

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