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September 12, 2013

Altaya Gaja launch party

Altaya Wines' party at Azure Restaurant "slash" Bar to celebrate their exclusive distribution deal with Gaja.  Gaia Gaja came to Hong Kong for this.

Unfortunately there was no Gaia and Rey around for us to taste.  It would have been nice to taste Gaja Gaia with Gaia Gaja!

2011 Gaja Rossj-Bass - a little oaky, mineral, really sweet with fruits like peach, vanilla, marshmallow. Very ripe on the palate, and burns a little thanks to the alcohol.

First tasting through the Tuscan estate of Ca'Marcanda.

2011 Ca'Marcanda Promis - first glass was a little dusty, there was fruit but in general tasted moldy - possibly corked or a bad glass.  Second glass was better without the mold, and showed black cherries.

2005 Ca'Marcanda Magari from magnum - very fragrant and open.  A little sweet, dried herbs, cedar and a hint of smoke.  Tannins are still there and a little chewy.  Paulo told me to skip all the Langhe/Barbarescos (as if!) and just go straight for this bottle, and his recommendation was right on the mark.

2004 Ca'Marcanda Camarcanda - a little sweet on the nose, fragrant, ripe, still alcoholic with a hint of leather.  Not bad at all.

Moving on to another Tuscan estate, Pieve Santa Restituta, in Montalcino this time.

2008 Pieve Santa Restituta - more stewed prunes and leather here.

2007 Pieve Santa Restituta Rennina - woody, dried herbs, potpourri and black fruits.

2007 Pieve Santa Restituta Sugarille - a little more smoky and earthy, black fruits, pretty sweet and caramel.

Now back to the "real" Gaja…

2004 Gaja Sperss - Whoa!  Holy peppermint!  Very big and fragrant nose here with obvious Chinese licorice.  Still tannic on the palate…

2006 Gaja Sorì San Lorenzo - fragrant nose with dried herbs, a little grilled meats and leather, pretty sweet.  A lovely wine, but still kinda tannic given its young age.

2006 Gaja Sorì Tildìn - more leather and smoke.  Less sweet than Sori San Lorenzo, but a little caramelized on the edges.

2006 Gaja Costa Russi - ummm… accidentally deleted my tasting notes for this wine…

2008 Gaja Barbaresco - new bottle and very tight.  Mid-palate softer than expected but with a tannic finish.  Good fruit here and very pleasant, with potpourri and herbs.

Congratulations to Altaya Wines for the coup!

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