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June 6, 2014

French wines for roast piggy

Dinner at Kimberley Chinese Restaurant.

Delamotte Brut - toasty and oaky.  Very nice.

2004 La Lagune - shoe polish, smoky, minty, still pretty tannic with grippy finish.

2008 La Bourguette Cuvée Prestige - opened the day before, so there was plenty of aeration.  Fruity, sweet, ripe and stewed fruits and porty.  Nose was still fine but the palate was pretty bleh by now.

2007 Pascal Côtes du Rhône L'Oratoire de la Brune - the palate was a little bland, while the nose showed notes of tea and dried herbs.

2002 L'Evangile en magnum - fragrant notes of coffee, dried herbs and a little smoky.  Really enjoyed the nose... not bad at all.

Full post on dinner is here.

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