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November 17, 2014

Two Hands tasting

Tasting at Wine Vault featuring wines from Two Hands.

2010 Two Hands Shiraz Lily's Garden - ripe and sweet, jammy, definitely an Aussie Shiraz, alcoholic, slightly pungent nose.  Surprisingly a little acidic on the palate.

2012 Two Hands Shiraz Lily's Garden - even bigger and more powerful than the 2010.  Huge levels of extraction here, sweet nose almost like cotton candy, with a little green and forest underneath.  Also a little pungent with plastic and sulfur notes.

2012 Two Hands Shiraz Bella's Garden - really sweet and jammy, with some of that pungent sulfur in the nose.  More tannic.

2012 Two Hands Shiraz Secret Block - the nose tells me this seems to be made with cooler fruit... and there's also more acidity here on the palate.  Nose has more strawberries, a hint of animal, also cotton candy, with more complexity and balance.  Lighter on the palate, too.  Probably my favorite wine.

2008 Two Hands Grenache Aerope - nose of plastic, polyurethane on top of the fruit, with a slight hint of leather.  Lighter body.

2010 Two Hands Cabernet Sauvignon Aphrodite - sweet and jammy, more concentrated here, with a hint of pine needle and mint.  More tannins here.  Alcoholic and somewhat pungent.

2010 Two Hands Shiraz Ares - really ripe, alcoholic and sharp on the nose... The wine burns going down the back of the throat.

2007 Two Hands Shiraz Ares - rounder than the 2010, also sweet, slightly lighter body.  More open nose with bacon fat, but still sharp and alcoholic.

Two Hands Muscat Fait Accompli - really sharp alcohol here, to the point that it singes the hairs inside my nostrils... Nutty, honey, and molasses nose.  Very thick and viscous, and very sweet.  Lovely, nutty palate.

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