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August 27, 2017

Korean liquor pairing

Dinner at La Yeon in Seoul.

OmyNara OmyRose (오미로제) - a sparkling wine made with omija (오미자), or magnolia berries.  Definitely very fruity with lots of deep, berry flavors.  The nose was a little strong and slightly pungent.

맑은바당 - nose was a little sweet, a little grassy, similar to oxidized yellow wines like Shaoxing.

Baedokga Ugok-ju (裴都家 又麴酒 우곡주) - this was unlike any of the cheap makgeolli (막걸리) I've ever had.  The wine tasted more fermented, much more savory, with fermented bean flavors - even though the only ingredients were rice, water, and yeast.  Thick texture and definitely like drinking yogurt.

Seonunsan Bokbunjaju (선운산 覆盆子酒) - very sweet on the nose. Very nice to drink.

Geumsan Insamju Susam23 (금산인삼주 수삼23) - this is the 23% version of the ginseng soju, made with a 5-year-old susam (수삼) ginseng.  The flavors were definitely strong here but clean.  Kinda dry on the palate, but pretty smooth.

OmyNara Full Moon Omija Brandy (고운달) - this came in at 52% which was pretty damn strong.  Tasted a little berry.

Full post on dinner is here.

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