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September 13, 2002

Dinner at Brian's

Dinner at Brian's in Tokyo.

1983 Salon - really awesome stuff!  Nose of caramel was immediately apparent, plus yeast, sugar, honey, minerals and pineapple.  Even long after the wine was gone, the perfume remaining in the glass was wonderful and lingered.

1964 Leroy Echezeaux - Wow!  What else can be said about this wine?  Quite simply the best Burgundy I ever had, on par with the '70 La Tâche.  Powerful nose of cinnamon, leather saddle.  Amazingly sweet and still vibrant at the ripe old age of 38!  Need to get my hands on more of this wine!

1992 Kistler Cuvée Catherine - very powerful and sharp, a little too young at age 10!  Nose of mint, leaves, cherry, lead, plus gasoline, alcohol content was a bit high.  Has great potential and will improve with another 10 years!

1993 Harlan - unfortunately this proved to be disappointing.  It showed like a Bordeaux, like the last bottle of '93.  However there really wasn't much fruit, but rather earth, minerals and lead in the nose.  Maybe the wine had been decanted too long?  Hmmm...  It was better one year ago!

1992 Dalla Valle Maya - this was also disappointing, since it was 100 points.  Fruit was fairly faded and unimpressive, except for the roasted macadamia nuts (!)

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