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June 22, 2007

1970 BV Georges de Latour

I opened a bottle of 1970 BV Georges de Latour at home and decanted it. The last time I had this was 5 years ago with a bottle purchased while tasting at BV. That was a great bottle and fulfilled all my expectations. Would this bottle be the same, even though I bought it from

The verdict was positive. The wine remained rather closed in the beginning while it was sitting in bottle and later in the closed decanter, but once we started drinking it gradually opened up. At its peak about 2 1/2 hours after opening, the wine was drinking beautifully, with a full-blown nose of sweet red fruits and a hint of smokiness.

My friend Colin just had his birthday a few weeks ago and I realized that he was also born in my year, and had never had anything from his vintage, so this was a nice treat for him. We have both read Taber's Judgement in Paris so he also knew a little about the history of BV and the legendary Andre Tchelistcheff. The 1970 would still have been made by Andre and his son Dmitri.

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