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March 28, 2008

1943 Canon

Belated 65th birthday dinner for mom at Paris 1930 in Taipei.

1943 Canon - the first pour into the glass showed the youthfulness of the wine. Unlike the 1940 Haut-Brion we drank 6 months ago, this wine isn't on its last legs. Mom's first comment was that the wine was very "young" (compared to the 1940), and that she would expect a lot less sediment at the bottom. She would be proven right.

Of course the wine isn't "young", not in the way you would describe a wine being drunk within 10 years of its vintage. But it's neither vinegar nor water, and showed a lot more body than I had expected. After an hour or so, one can even extract a certain amount of sweet fruit in the nose after swirling. While the palate is still a little acidic, it is to be expected from a wine like this. Overall we were quite happy with the wine, especially mom of course.

Full post on the dinner is here.

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