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November 23, 2008

Wine and Korean food

Dinner at a friend's.

2000 Chateau Musar Blanc - a favorite of the hosts, it is always easy to drink. The wine has had a few years of aging and now appears to be light orange in color, with a bit of honey in the nose.

2002 Hugel Riesling Jubilee - big, plasticky nose with lots of petrol. There was only a bit of sweetness on the palate, as Hugel's Rieslings are fermented drier compared to their Gewurztraminers.

1997 Napanook - a real pleasure to drink, with a hint of mint and classic red fruits on the nose. It was very ripe and sweet on the palate - not surprising considering the vintage - and the tannins were silky smooth. Considering the price I paid for the second wine from Dominus - the Napa outpost of Chateau Petrus' Christian Moueix - I couldn't have asked for anything more.

2005 Librandi Duca Sanfelice - made purely from the local varietal Gaglioppo, this would have easily passed for a New World wine. The nose was ripe and sweet, full of tropical fruits and vanilla, and eventually saw chili and spice emerge. The wine was smooth on the palate, almost a bit bland. It actually worked reasonably well with the homemade kimchi we had.

2005 Librandi Gravello - a different wine altogether, with 40% Cabernet Sauvignon blended in with the Gaglioppo. The nose here wasn't as New World and sweet, but it did have the mint from the Cab and only a hint of sweetness. With a bit of kimchiaftertaste in my mouth, the wine tasted hot and spicy on the tongue.

2001 Cantenac Brown - a classic Bordeaux from a vintage that is great to drink now. Typical farmy nose with grilled meats. No surprises here but a solid wine.

2005 Clos du Mont Olivet Cuvée du Papet - this was such a good wine! The nose was really sweet with caramel notes, plus the classic grilled meat that comes from the Rhône. I kept drinking this wine instead of whisky after dinner, so I guess I'm showing my true colors...

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