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August 18, 2010

MNSC Dinner - Manor

MNSC Dinner at Manor Seafood Restaurant (富瑤酒家).  Theme was Champagne and white wines, and everyone brought a bottle.

This was supposed to be an all-white dinner, but the Ox decided to bring a bottle of 1983 Latour because he wanted to drink a little red. He's been training for his upcoming match and had stayed off alcohol for the last month. It was classically beautiful... plummy, slightly smoky and very smooth on the palate. A pleasure to drink and not ridiculously expensive.

I brought a bottle of Jacques Selosse Exquise Sec, which I carried back from Reims on my trip last year. It was a little too cold when we first poured it into the white wine glass, and needed time to warm up and open. Lots of bubbles and a little heady, yeasty, a little metallic with light caramel notes - it's easy to smell the sweetness on the nose and see that this was clearly not a brut Champagne... Sweet on the palate as expected, a little thick and viscous in the mouth, with the finish a little short and nutty. With the second pour a little bit of toast emerged in the nose. Still later, the nose became pretty explosive and open - what I would expect from a Selosse. Finish tasted of marmalade, and it was pretty awesome.

A pair of 2002 Chardonnays were up next - Old World vs. New World.

2002 Kistler Chardonnay Cuvée Cathleen - classic toast and minerals on the ripe nose, with lemon citrus and lots of gorgeous buttery fatness... Really lovely. Sweet on the palate, with the beautifully open nose right from the start. Later on the oak became more obvious, and some floral, even plastic notes came out. Towards the end the finish did fade a little and became slightly bitter, but the best Kistler Chards never disappoint. Soooo not surprised that Dr. Poon brought this bottle...

2002 Comte Lafon Meursault 1er Cru Les Charmes - this was a little more muted, steely with minerals and slightly toasty at first - not exactly unexpected for this wine. There was great balance, though, in terms of the acidity, and the wine just got better and better with aeration. By the end one could easily argue that it was drinking better than the Kistler.

A pair of Roussanes made up the last flight - again featuring Old World vs. New World. Both wines were decanted.

2006 Beaucastel Roussanne Vielle Vignes - sweet like marzipan and toasty with mineral notes. Nose became very fragrant after a while, but the palate got a little ripe and hot, with that slightly bitter, marmalade finish. No brownie points to Pineapple for bringing this wine... he's only the local agent...

1999 Sine Qua Non Tarantella - the copper-colored wine was a few hues darker than the Beaucastel, which we would expect for this older vintage. All I could say at first was "Wow!" Nose was very sweet, with notes of straw, loads of oak but not too toasty... White flowers and a little marmalade. Very rich and the fragrance was just awesome. Kudos to the Ox for bringing this bottle... and of course he also bought it from me years ago...

Full post on dinner is here.

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