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April 10, 2010

After dinner Scotch

Drinks at b.a.r. executive.

Ardbeg Blasda - straight up in a white wine glass. The word "blasda" in Gaelic means "sweet and delicious", and this was definitely a sweeter expression of the Ardbeg style. They toned down the peatiness of the whisky to about a third of what it normally is, and the result is obvious. You can definitely still smell the peat but it's much lighter now, with a hint of sweetness on the nose...a little caramel...and a finish that is also a little sweet. Pretty interesting.

Caol Ila 27 Year Old - again taken straight up. I wanted to try some of the other Islay malts which aren't available elsewhere. Very mature. Pretty sweet with caramel, a little plum and a little peaty. Spicy and long finish.

Full post on the evening is here.

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