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April 8, 2011

Bodega Chacra tasting

2008 Chacra Maniqué - nose of black fruits, very sweet on the nose, plenty of vanilla and coconut, mint.  Rich and concentrated.  Pretty alcoholic and burns as it goes down, but surprisingly was only 13.5%.  Not a fan of this Merlot.

2009 Chacra Barda - a blend of the two older vineyards plus very young vines.  For some reason this was poured into my glass without rinsing away the Merlot, so there was some "contamination" for the first pour.  Some wood notes, medium-bodied.  OK but not very interesting.  Second pour was better, with a little grilled meats, a hint of sweetness and perhaps even a little floral.  Not a fan of this either.

2009 Chacra Cincuenta y Cinco - from old Pinot Noir vines planted in 1955.  Wow!  Now that's what I want from Pinot Noir!  This was sooo far above the Barda in terms of class...  The cork was pulled more than 5 hours before I got to drink this, and the result was absolutely stunning.  A very lovely, silky, velvety wine... Very fragrant, sweet like bubblegum, minty with a little forest.  Sooo soft and luscious it was like a fluffy pillow with a satin pillowcase that I just wanted to hug and fall asleep with...  I had to have a second pour as I couldn't get enough.

2007 Chacra Treinta y Dos - from old Pinot Noir vines planted in 1923 (!)  This was opened at the same time as the Cincuenta y Cinco, but decanted instead of being left in the bottle.  Much more closed compared to the last wine despite being in the decanter, with gamey notes and exotic spices, sweet fruit.  Lovely but really needs time to soften.

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