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September 3, 2011

Cuilleron Viognier and crappy Pinot

Drinks at Sky Bar at the Sheraton.

2005 Yves Cuilleron Viognier - a vin de pays that drank very well, with floral and lychee notes, a very sweet and fruity nose.  Almost sparkling on the palate, tingling the tongue a little.  Very enjoyable.

Dinner at Celestial Court at the Sheraton.

2008 Yering Station Pinot Noir - waiter's recommendation.  This came to me at a very warm temperature, and I had to ask for it to be chilled twice before it got to what I thought was the right serving temperature.  Obviously oxidized and cooked, as evidenced by the prominent nose of stewed prunes.  A little cherry with a little smoke.  I guess it's been a few days since the first glass was poured from this bottle...

Full post on dinner will come later.

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