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October 8, 2012

MNSC Dinner - Masseto vertical

Dinner at Gold by Harlan Goldstein in Hong Kong, hosted by me.

2009 Peter Michael Chardonnay La Carrière - sugary sweet on the nose, lots of oak, flint, white flowers, honey and vanilla.  Beautiful.  Very ripe on the palate and a little tart finish.  Burns a little going down my throat thanks to the alcohol...

First pair:
1993 Masseto - pencil lead, smoke, sweet fruit, open nose with mint, a little grass and tea leaves.  95 points.

1995 Masseto - a bit riper fruit, smoke, earthy and minty.  93 points.

Second pair:
1997 Ornellaia - corked but not undrinkable in my opinion.  Grassy, vegetal, cardboard, a hint of sweetness, minerals.  88 points.

1997 Masseto - huge exotic nose with tropical notes, coconut oil, pretty sweet, then fading to reveal smoke.  95 points.

Third pair:
1994 Masseto - savory, mineral, a bit sweet, mint, a bit earthy and smoky.  92 points.

1996 Masseto - mint, smoke, sweet, really lovely, savory.  Concentrated on the palate.  94 points.

Fourth pair:
1998 Masseto - smoky, a bit earthy, minty and a bit sweet.  A big wine with lots of concentration.  95 points.

2001 Masseto - ripe and sweet fruit with coffee.  Clearly the youngest vintage and full-bodied.  95 points.

Full post on dinner is here.

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