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July 8, 2013

Ichiro and friends

Dinner at a friend's home.

Kuronawa Daiginjo (黒縄 大吟醸) - leftover from the previous evening, apparently...

2004 Pax Venus - 100% Roussanne weighing in at 14.0% alcohol.  Initially served fairly cold and the alcohol was not so evident.  A little floral, sweet, pretty ripe, pomelo rind?  A little metallic, rusty, oaky and slightly buttery.  As the wine warmed up the alcohol became more obvious.

1994 Leroy Clos Vougeot - first whiff of the nose was pretty dusty, but this cleared up quickly to show animal, leather, black cherry and plum.  Ripe and kinda sweet.

Ichiro's Malt Hanyu Mizunara Head - apparently a special bottling for Isetan, and bottled at cask strength... pretty sweet, and surprisingly although it was strong, it did not threaten to singe my nose hairs off...   Would love to have some of this again...

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