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September 11, 2015

Napa trip: Colgin

Visit to Colgin Cellars' IX Estate.

2012 Colgin Cariad - a little cool and muted at first, slightly smoky, pretty alcoholic on the nose, with forest, bacon, and minty notes.  Pretty spicy going down the back of the throat.  Opened up a little more as time went on, and became more aromatic.

2012 Colgin IX Estate Cabernet Sauvignon - more fruit here, with more oak, along with forest, bacon, and leather notes.  Vanilla and caramel notes came out later, along with tropical notes.  So nice! Initially tannins were more noticeable here.

2005 Colgin IX Estate Cabernet Sauvignon - much riper on the nose, with blackcurrant and cedar notes.  Much more developed in terms of aromatics, and so fragrant!

Full post on the visit is here.

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