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July 3, 2020

Landonne and oxidized white Burg

Dinner at Jardin de Jade.

2005 Vincent Girardin Corton-Charlemagne - totally oxidized.  Decided not to drink this.

2010 Lucien Le Moine Corton Blanc - also somewhat oxidized but still drinkable.  First whiff also pretty caramelized, with mamalade notes.  Still got the acidity but definitely very sweet on the palate.

1992 Guigal La Landonne - lovely nose with leather and smoky notes, a little floral, almost soapy, certainly fragrant.  Showed graphite notes later.

Drinks at House Welley.

The Whisky Agency 34 Years - distilled at Tomatin Distillery in 1976 and bottled in 2011.  Nose was floral and fruity for sure, with sweet vanilla notes later.  Seemed stronger than the 51% alcohol indicated.

Shinanoya Iskandar 17 years - distilled at Clynelish Distillery in 1996 and bottled in 2014.  The label was illustrated by Kobayashi Tomomi for the 25th Anniversary of Saga.  Nose was kinda muted, sweetish, not so sharp and alcoholic on the nose.  Nose was certainly more elegant, but the palate was kinda sharp.

Full post on the evening is here.

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