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September 3, 2023

Bongwater from Vlad

Dinner at Gaggan Anand in Bangkok.

2015 Olivier Horiot Sève Rosé de Saignée en Barmont Les Riceys, dégorgée le 28 Mars 2022 - a nice rosé with decent red fruit notes, but palate was a little flat and short.

2018 Vodopivec Solo - initially servd a little too warm. Got good mouthfeel with grippy "tannins".

2018 Slobodné Majer Zemianske Sady Partisan Cru - still got the fruit. OK la...

Akishika 888 Junmai Muroka Nama (秋鹿 八八八 純米無濾過 生原酒), 2018 - seimaibuai of 80%. Very fermented and savory notes, a bit sweet on the finish. Definitely paired well with the caviar and also tomato. More rounded on the palate than I remembered from a few months ago.

2017 La Tangente L'Excuse - smoky, a little eucalyptus, a little meaty with leather notes.

2019 Čotar Sauvignon Blanc - very fragrant nose and a little floral.

La Grapperie La Désirée - the nose was pretty fragrant but also pretty oaky, almost buttery like a chardonnay from Burgundy. Almost vanilla, too. But this paired sooo horribly with the fish and made the aftertaste very... fishy.

2018 Stephan Côte-Rôtie Côteaux de Bassenon - really nice vanilla and fruit on the nose, along with eucalyptus. Love this wine.

2022 Meinklang Prosa - definitely got a little of that pungent sulfur on the nose, but also pretty sweet on the nose.

Full post on dinner is here.

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