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December 14, 2023

Emmanuel Reynaud wines

Dinner at Caprice, featuring the wines of Emmanuel Reynaud.

All wines were opened at the same time and served without decanting.

2019 Domaine des Tours Vaucluse Blanc - served a little more than 7 hours after opening. Really ripe and really fragrant nose, with tropical stone fruits and acetone notes. The sweetness was not exactly like honey but something similar, and in any case this was really nice.

2017 Les Tours Vaucluse Blanc - served more than 7½ hours after opening. This was much sweeter on the nose compared to the 2019, with lovely honeysuckle, along with some acetone. Very exotic and fragrant nose. This was also bigger on the palate, very, very ripe and butter, with a bitter finish.

2017 Château des Tours Côtes-du-Rhône Rouge - served more than 8 hours after opening. Really lovely fruity nose, very fragrant, with a little bit of leather, lots of potpourri and dried herbs. Sooo lovely, actually, but in comparison to the 2014 Grande Réserve this was more closed, with more concentration.

2014 Château des Tours Côtes-du-Rhône Grande Réserve Rouge - served more than 8 hours after opening. Nose was showing cooler fruit for sure. This wine was so elegant, more floral with lavender notes... Is this really a Côtes-du-Rhône?! No fucking way! This was too fucking beautiful! Showing animal and leather notes, too. About 10 hours after opening this was so sweet like the honey dripping from a honeycomb, as I could smell the beeswax, too. My wine of the evening.

2009 Domaine des Tours Vaucluse Merlot-Syrah - served more than 8½ hours after opening. Nose was very minty and pretty fragrant. A little more tannic on the palate. After more than 10 hours the nose became a little grassy.

2005 Domaine des Tours Vaucluse Merlot - served more than 8½ hours after opening. Frankly the nose wasn't showing as well as the 2009 Merlot-Syrah, and felt a little dusty and not clean. Later one this seemed more ripe with some stewed prunes.

2011 Château Pignan - served more than 9 hours after opening. The nose was really floral and beautiful. So elegant now, with lovely strawberry notes one would expect from this wine. My second favorite wine of the evening. A very close second.

2011 Château de Fonsalette Côtes-du-Rhône Rouge - served more than 9 hours after opening. Certainly more concentrated than the Pignan, more meaty, but also pretty fragrant.

2012 Rayas Rouge - served almost 10 hours after opening. Showing notes of leahter and animal, but along with floral notes which made it very fragrant and elegant. A beautiful wine for sure, but tonight this was outshone but two of its stable mates.

Full post on dinner is here.

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