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April 23, 2024

Bijofu and Katsuyama

Dinner at Nikushou.

Bijofu Junmai Daiginjo Yumebakari Time (美丈夫 純米大吟醸 夢許 Time), 2023 - seimaibuai of 30%. Nice and starchy rice on the nose, along with musk melon and some fermentation notes. Relatively dry on the palate. Later on this got a little sweeter mid-palate and on the finish.

Katsuyama Junmai Daiginjo Hyojuku (勝山 純米大吟醸 氷熟貯蔵酒), 2020 - seimaibuai of 35%. Nose was really rich and starchy, and a little sweet. Very soft, supple, and elegant on the palate. Then a little later the palate suddenly became more dry.

2002 Kongsgaard Syrah - drank after 1 hour in the decanter. Nose was really fragrant, almost jammy, with really concentrated notes of cassis, black fruits, some lovely woodsy notes and spices plus leather. Drinking so well right now.

Full post on dinner is here.

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