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January 22, 2013

George pinots

Dinner at FoFo by el Willy, with wines from George Wine Company.

Anna Spinato Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Extra Dry - elegant and subtle, with nose of green apple, flint and minerals.

2009 George Pinot Noir Sonoma Coma - metallic minerals, minty, sweet fruit, leather, grape stems and forest notes.  The fruit was ripe but not overdone, rather cool.

2009 George Pinot Noir Ceremonial Vineyard - Dijon clone grapes are sourced from the Martinelli family, from a vineyard near an apple orchard.  A little bit higher in alcohol.  A little sweet on the nose, with tangerine, a little mint and forest.  An elegant wine showing finesse.

2009 George Pinot Noir Martaella Vineyard + King Family Vineyard - an all-Pommard clone blend of 60% Martaella and 40% King Family, due to the small yield of the vintage.  Nose of tangerine, ripe fruit, metallic minerals, a little sharp, a little forest and some leather here.  Light-bodied.

2009 George Pinot Noir Leras Family Vineyard - a little more minty and forest notes here.  Sweet and pretty ripe on the nose.

2009 George Pinot Noir Hansen Vineyards - definitely very farmy, typical nose of cow manure, metallic, salty blue cheese.  No question that the nose is influenced by the 300 cows grazing near the vineyard.

Full post on dinner is here.

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