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February 13, 2021

Nice and aged sakes

Drinking at a friend's home.

Azumaichi Daiginjo Shizukushibori Show Selection (東一 大吟醸 雫搾り選抜酒), 2BY - seimaibuai (精米歩合) of 39%.  Nice and fermented flavors of jiuniang.  Still sweet on the nose, but definitely more savory with more depth on the palate.

Katsuyama Junmai Daiginjo Shoryu (勝山  純米大吟醸  昇龍) - seimaibuai of 35%.  Really sweet nose, lots of banana.  Initially sweet and a little round on palate, but turned kinda lean and finish was a little bitter.

Kikuhime Ginjo Kukurihime (菊姫  吟醸  菊理媛), 10BY - seimaibuai of 50%.  Definitely more fermented and savory on the nose.  Nicely balanced on the palate, with a hint of sweetness but dry mid-palate, and a sweet aftertaste which comes back and builds up.  Very smooth on the front and mid-palate, turning lean into a long finish, with savory soy sauce notes.  

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