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March 31, 2022

Sake for flowers

Meal at Godenya.

Beau Michelle Snow Fantasy (ボー・ミッシェル スノーファンタジー うすにごり生原酒), 2021-22 - served at 9°C. Seimaibuai (精米歩合) of 60%. Sweet and fruity with some light lactic acid.

Hirotogawa Junmai Daiginjo Nama (廣戸川  純米大吟醸  生), 2021-22 - served at 12°C.  Seimaibuai of 45%. A little more dry. Some sweetness here but definitely got that long and dry finish.

Kaiun Unfiltered Junmai Nama (開運  無濾過  純米生), 2021-22 - served at 16°C. Seimaibuai of 55%. Tasted much sweeter together with the salty dried mullet roe, and much richer on the palate. Sweet on the attack but some dryness in the long finish.

Jyuji Asahi Junmai Ginjo Genshu (十旭日  純米吟醸原酒), 2009-10 - served at 23°C. Seimaibuai of 55%. Fermented flavors like Chinese salty plum thanks to the aging. Sweet and so interesting.

Takesuzume Yamahai Junmai Ginjo Unfiltered Nama (竹雀  山廃純米吟醸  無濾過生), 2016-17 - served at 45°C. Seimaibuai of 50%. Very, very fermented notes, also with some Chinese salted plum. The warmth of the high serving temperature is nice.

Fumotoi Junmai Ginjo Nama (麓井  純米吟醸  生), 2021-22 - served at 12°C. Seimaibuai of 55%. This tasted pretty bland, like some rice water, and dry on the palate. Meh.

Hikomago Junmai Ginjo (ひこ孫  純米吟醸), 2009-10 - served at 50°C. Seimaibuai of 50%. Good balance between acidity and sweetness, with fermented notes thanks to the aging.

Eikun Daikoshu Kohaku (英君 古酒こはく), 1968 - made in S43BY and aged for 10 years. Poured onto the dessert.

Full post on the meal is here.

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