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June 8, 2022

Daimon dinner

Dinner at Neighborhood with sake from Daimon Brewery.

Daimon 55 Junmai Ginjo (大門  55純米大吟醸) - seimaibuai (精米歩合) of 55%. This was very easy to like, with lots of banana on the nose, not too sweet on the palate, almost a little effervescent. Actually this was very light on the palate with a slightly dry finish. Goes down very easily.

Rikyubai Shizuka Junmai Ginjo (利休梅 静香 純米吟醸) - seimaibuai of 55%. More fruity, more lively on the palate, with a longer finish.

Daimon 35 Junmai Daiginjo (大門  35純米大吟醸) - seimaibuai of 35%. Nose was very muted. Higher acidity on the palate, Showed more depth when tasted along with the fish. More rounded on the palate.

Daimon Road to Osaka Tokubetsu Junmai Nigori - seimaibuai of 60%. Fruity and with more acidity. When tasting along with the fish this became more dry and spicy on the palate. Actually had a lot more depth on the palate.

Daimon 45 Junmai Daiginjo (大門  45純米大吟醸) - seimaibuai of 45%. Apparently this uses white koji instead of yellow koji. There's more fermented flavors and more umami, and much more depth and character on the palate.

The Toji Series Edition 1 Junmai Daiginjo, 1999 BY02 - a blend of 1999 and 2020 vintages, which explains why the flavors were much more fermented. This is recommended to be served at room temperature instead of being chilled. Very rounded and viscous on the palate. Very elegant.

Full post on dinner is here.

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