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September 20, 2022

Kagami, Ganevat, and Labet

Dinner at Nikushou.

2015 Domaine Labet Chardonnay Les Varrons - a little smoky and oily on the nose, lemon, acidity on the nose was prominent along with some ripeness, alcoholic with some petrol. Good acidity on the palate without being overly sharp. Pretty nice.

2006 Jean-François Ganevat Les Vignes de Mon Père, en magnum - decanted for 2 hours before pouring back to the bottle, served after another hour in bottle. Initially showing lots of very sweet honey while decanting. Very big, toasty nose along with lots of sweetness, also coffee notes. Three hours and forty-five minutes after opening the nose was showing lots of toast and coffee. About 5 hours after opening there was some vanilla and sugarcane. Nose was still very sweet when serving temperature was very cold, but not so much ripeness and honey now. Still going strong and showing beautifully more thn 7 hours after opening.

2015 Domaine des Miroirs Entre Deux Bleus - breathed for 45 minutes before the cork was put back, then served 2 hours later. Toasty and flinty nose, leaner on the nose than the Ganevat but also more elegant. Dry on the palate but a little round and ripe. A little buttery on the nose, along with some savory notes. About 6 hours after opening this was still very elegant and floral. Drinking very nicely.

2016 Jean-François Ganevat Les Chamois du Paradis - served a little more than 1 hour after decanting. Flinty, mineral, lemon, and oily on the nose, with some white pepper. Drinking pretty nicely, and good acidity.

2015 Domaine Labet Pinot Noir Les Varrons - served about 1½ hours after opening. Lots of leather notes in the nose, a little funky. Fairly typical of natural wine and bears similarity to Prieuré-Roch. Showing nice fruit like strawberries, and sweet like bubblegum. Very soft and smooth on the palate.

2004 Jean-François Ganevat Suyquiême, en demi-bouteille - I thought the wine was a little fizzy on the tongue but no one else did... A bit savory on the nose, but just a hint, and a little nutty.

Full post on dinner is here.

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