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November 10, 2023

France 2023 day 1: Quintus

Tasting at Château Quintus, hosted by Estate Manager Mariette Veyssière.

2019 Saint-Emilion de Quintus - lots of potpourri and forest, more extracted and alcoholic on the nose. There was almost a little rubber. Very sweet finish.

2020 Saint-Emilion de Quintus - more concentrated than the 2019, and of course more tannic, but then also pretty fragrant and woodsy.

2019 Le Dragon de Quintus - this was more exotic on the nose, with more vanilla. Also a little bit of rubber on the nose. More tannic.

2020 Le Dragon de Quintus - a little bit heavier with big nose of black fruits. Nice and spicy, with more powerful, oaky nose. This was surprisingly smooth and drank nicely.

2019 Quintus - clearly more voluptuous but also more elegant, with some eucalyptus. Sweet on the palate and still tannic, but ready to drink now.

2020 Quintus - this was really nice, with nose of potpourri, spices, pine needles, with a little less fruit than the 2019.

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