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November 6, 2012

Conseillante and Clos Fourtet

La Conseillante and Clos Fourtet tasting at Hong Kong Wine Vault.

2001 Clos Fourtet - really ripe, sweet and exotic, smoky.  Enjoyable.

2003 Clos Fourtet - bigger nose, more open and fragrant, with bacon fat, leather, mint, pine resin and smoke.  In fact this could almost pass for a Rhône…  Very nice.

2007 Clos Fourtet - sweet nose with coffee, a little smoke and mint.

2010 Clos Fourtet - more minty, potpourri, perhaps showing characters from the stems.  Later on showed sweet fruit.  Not bad at all given the young age of the wine.  It just needs more time.

1994 La Conseillante - first bottle was clearly corked, showing obvious wet cardboard notes on top of smoke.  I asked for a pour from the second bottle, and this time the wine showed smoky and minty notes.  Still grippy on the palate.  Not great.

1998 La Conseillante - lighter smoke initially, with metallic tones, then cigar smoke.

2006 La Conseillante - ripe and jammy, a little minty, pine resin.  Medium bodied with a slightly tannic finish.  Very enjoyable.

Unfortunately I didn't get to the 2009 La Conseillante before it ran out...

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