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March 27, 2013

Colgin tasting with Ann Colgin

Tasting of Colgin wines at Hong Kong Wine Vault, with Ann Colgin and Joe Wender.

2009 Colgin IX Estate Red - alcoholic, very fruity, sweet, tangerine with coffee notes.

2008 Colgin IX Estate Red - seemingly more concentrated, with forest, mint, eucalyptus, vanilla, oak and coffee notes.

2009 Colgin Cariad - more metallic, mineral, forest and pine.  A little tannic.

2008 Colgin Cariad - pungent, farmy, animal, and a little medicinal.

2009 Colgin IX Estate Syrah - Wow!  I was really liking the bacon and leather notes.  Fruity with blackberries, a little floral, smoky.  Still alcoholic.  What a beautiful wine!

2008 Colgin IX Estate Syrah - tangerine, sweeter, tropical fruits, banana.  Seemingly more alcoholic.

Full post on the evening is here.

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