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October 7, 2023

82 Conseillante

Dinner at The 8 in Macau.

2008 Dom Pérignon - of course this was still very fresh, with nice salinity and minerality, nice nose of toast and a little brioche, with almost a hint of coffee. Good acidity balance here, and still got more acidity than the ripeness and sweetness. Drinking so well.

1982 La Conseillante - served 2 hours after decanting. Definitely got the smoky nose, got some of the ripe fruit that was not quite prunes. Very silky smooth now, sweet and ripe on the palate, but a little savory mid-palate and on the finish. Nose of leather, animal, and mint... really fragrant. After chilling for 10 minutes this became more rounded on the palate, cooler on the nose. After 3 hours in the decanter this was sooooo fragrant and woodsy, just drinking so beautifully. Started to taper off just before the 4-hour mark, but still lovely. Would rate this at maybe 97 points. Stunning.

Full post on dinner is here.

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