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August 6, 2021

Cold and warm sake pairing

Dinner at Godenya.

Iseno Shiroki Junmai Nama Sparkling (伊勢の白酒  純米生活性), 2020-21 - served at 10°C. Seimaibuai (精米歩合) of 65%. Lovely sweetness, so fruity. A little lactic acid at the start along with the effervescence. So refreshing to start the meal with this.

Kozaemon Junmai Daiginjo (小左衛門  純米大吟醸  赤磐雄町), 2020-21 - served at 12°C. Seimaibuai of 47%. Also on the sweet and fruity side, but a little dry on the finish.

Yuho Junmai Ginjo Nama (遊穂  純米吟醸  生原酒), 2020-21 - served at 17°C. Seimaibuai of 55%. A little more dry on the palate with some acidity.

Hoken Junmai Daijinjo (宝剣  純米大吟醸  中汲み), 2020-21 - served at 12°C. Seimaibuai of 40%. Rich and viscous on the palate. Sweet on the attack with turned drier.

Mukyutenon Kimoto Junmai Ginjo Sake (無窮天穏  生酛  純米吟醸  斎香), 2019-20 - served at 42°C.  Seimaibuai of 60%. Good balance between sweetness and acidity, with nice fermented flavors.

Shiragiku Junmai Nigori (白菊  純米にごり), 2020-21 - served at 11°C. Seimaibuai of 55%. Good acidity and fruity notes.

Hikomago Junmai Ginjo (ひこ孫 純米吟醸), 2006-07 - served at 47°C. Seimaibuai of 50%. Pretty fermented notes, definitely a little savory, and a little dry on the finish.

Yamagata Masamune Torotoro Umeshu (山形正宗  とろとろ梅酒) - very thick with the pulp purée.

Full post on dinner is here.

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