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August 22, 2021

Sake sake sake

Dinner at the Sake Bistro by Ta Vie and Godenya.

Daigo no Awa (醍醐の泡), 2020-21 - seimaibuai (精米歩合) of 90-93%. Sparkling. Nice and fruity like juice, with a little bit of lactic acid. Low alcohol at 7%.

Akishika Motoshibori Yamahai Junmai Nama (秋鹿  酛しぼり  山廃純米生), 2020-21 - with a seimaibuai of 70% and sake meter value (日本酒度) of -72. Very fermented nose with savory notes. Fragrant, sweet and fruity.

Inemankai Junmai Nigori (伊根満開 純米生にごり), 2020-21 - I've seen the "regular", clear version of the sake, but this was a special batch of nigori (にごり). Very intense flavors of fermented rice, very nice and sweet on the palate.

Juji Asahi Junmai Daiginjo Jukeseishu (十旭日  純米大吟醸  熟成酒), 2002-03 - seimaibuai of 45%. Very fragrant, very oxidized, very savory on the nose. Really fragrant in the mouth after the soup, with an aftertaste that was almost like longan. Really round on the palate, with a long finish that was very nice. This was very serious stuff.

Kotori no Saezuri Junmai Ginjo (小鳥のさえずり 純米吟醸), 2008-09 - seimaibuai of 50%. Served warm. Nice and fermented flavors.

Togo Kimoto Junmai Nama (東郷 生酛 純米生), 2018-19 - seimaibuai of 88%. Smoky, fermented nose. A little savory, and worked well with the duck confit.

Minshuku Tono Doburoku Nondo (民宿とおの どぶろく Nondo), 2020-21 - very sweet and fruity, with lactic acid.

2016 Afruge No.1 - seimaibuai of 65%. Aged in red wine barrels. Very oxidized and savory on top of sweetness.

Hana Tomoe Nature × Nature Yamahai x Yamahai White (花巴  ナチュール  ×  ナチュール 山廃  ×  山廃  白), 2019-20 - seimaibuai of 70%. With a sake meter value of -76. Also a little savory on the nose, but somewhat sweet on the palate, and almost a little marmalade. Very easy to drink.

Suwaizumi Junmai Koshu (諏訪泉 純米古酒), 1989-90 - seimaibuai of 60%. Really, really savory, with a little sweetness but much more umami.

Full post on dinner is here.

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