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March 18, 2023

Noma Kyoto wine pairing

Dinner at Noma Kyoto at the Ace Hotel Kyoto.

2023 Nichi Nichi Our Rice Field (日日 秋津山田錦 自社田) - tons of sweet fermented rice notes here.

2023 Yorocco Beer Umi Yama - made with wakame (若布). Very fragrant, very light and refreshing.

2019 Beau Paysage Chardonnay - a little grippy on the palate. Light and fragrant nose, with a little citrus, slight hint of muscat grapes, and a little bit of flint later.

2023 Kumezakura Starbursts (久米桜 きもと純米にごり火入れ スターバースト) - seimaibuai (精米歩合) of 90%. Acidity was much higher than expected.

2021 Domaine Mont Dom Gris - decent fragrance, sweet nose with some spices, reminds me of chinotto.

2023 Terada Honke Mori No Uta - seimaibuai of 60%. Nose was showing fermented notes, almost like a koshu with a savory nose, but sweet on the palate.

2020 Domaine Takahiko Nana-Tsu-Mori Pinot Noir - very fragrant nose, very fruit forward, with some leather notes.

2022 Masanobu Kukuoka Farm Citrus Mix (福岡正信自然農園 柑橘MIX ペティアン ナチュラル) - made by Domaine de la Grande Colline from surplus citrus. Like an alcoholic orange juice.

Full post on dinner is here.

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