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March 22, 2024

Korean wine pairing

Dinner at KwonSookSoo in Seoul.

Midam Seoktanju (미담 석탄주) - some acidity and fruity flavors, with a slight hint of nuttiness and bitterness. Would have been a good match with the pine nut porridge.

BeWater Brew Inner Peace Calm - sweet on the palate, as expected, but very nice with much more character than your usual makgeolli. I can see how this would match well with kimchi.

Ellyeop Pyunjoo Cheongju (一葉平舟 / 일엽편주 청주) - definitely more layered when it comes to flavors, and fruity.

Horang Horang (호랑호랑) - OK lah... A bit more savory on the palate, still got some fruity notes. It was a bit more viscous on the palate, and I could definitely feel the alcohol.

Seokroju (석로주) - this was very interesting as it was fermented with mushrooms, and I could certainly taste a little mushroom flavor in the liquor. Paired well with the black truffle in the noodles.

Kooksoondang Sashitonggeumju (국순당 사시통음주) - high acidity, high alcohol.

Isibo Makgeolli (이시보 막걸리) - light-bodied with lower sweetness and lower acidity.

Full post on dinner is here.

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