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February 28, 2013

Climens, Doisy-Daëne and Guiraud

Sauternes/Barsac dinner at the Pawn in Hong Kong.

NV Thiénot Brut Rosé - nice nose of red fruits like raspberries.

2006 Doisy-Daëne - wonderful nose of orange, honeydew melon, honey, acetone.  Pretty sweet.

1989 Guiraud - sweet, slightly nutty, a little raisiny with acetone.

2005 Climens - honey, a bit nutty with acetone.  Pretty sweet on the palate.

1964 Climens - lovely nose of honeydew melon, dates, walnut and acetone.  Sweet with some acidity to balance things out on the palate.

1942 Doisy-Daëne - nutty, raisin, toffee with good depth of flavors. According to Fabrice Dubourdieu this was bottled only in 1946 when the château was able to get their hands on enough glass bottles.

2009 Guiraud - a little plastic with some white flowers.  Very sweet on the palate.

Full post on dinner is here.

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