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May 1, 2017

MNSC Dinner - The Pawn

MNSC Dinner at The Pawn, hosted by the Ox.

Jacques Selosse Substance, dégorgée le 7 Decembre 2011 - nice and very toasty, a little straw, lovely nose.  Acidity was a little higher than expected, even though the palate was a little ripe.

First flight: decanted 2 hours prior to serving.
1998 Dalla Valle Cabernet Sauvignon - very savory nose with lots of soy sauce notes.  A little sharp alcohol, with burnt rubber, ripe and cooked fruit.  After 2½ hours, nose improved and showed a little sweet vanilla, smokiness, and sweetness on the palate.  93 points.

1999 Dalla Valle Cabernet Sauvignon - cooler and more minty.  A little earthy, and definitely a little sweeter.  94 points.

Second flight: decanted 1 hour prior to serving.
1998 Henri Bonneau Cuvée Marie Beurrier - really sweet and fruity, but also a little farmy and medicinal.  A little light on the body.  94 points.

1998 Henri Bonneau Réserve des Célestins - a little more muted on the nose at first, but after opening up it was really sweet, almost a little jammy, with leather notes.  97 points.

Third flight: decanted for nearly 5 hours prior to serving.
1998 Greenock Creek Shiraz Roennfeldt Road - soooo jammy with tons of coconut butter.  Classic Aussie shiraz. 98 points.

2001 Greenock Creek Shiraz Roennfeldt Road - jammy with a little burnt rubber, sharp alcohol, and a little coffee.  98 points.

1996 Greenock Creek Shiraz Roennfeldt Road - lots of coconut, a little more metallic.  Really lovely and rich.  98 points.

Full post on dinner is here.

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